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Mar 3, 2016 by

Law Veritas

Law Veritas is a corporation, formed in 2015, to help attorneys enhance their online legal reputations. Law Veritas was created for attorneys who understand the importance of protecting and enhancing their legal reputations. Law Veritas believes that attorneys who don’t understand their online presence will have their legal reputations suffer as direct result, which is why Law Veritas was created.

“As a litigator for 20 years, I understand the importance of one’s legal reputation, which lives online in 2016”, said David Gittelman, the president and co-founder of Law Veritas. Law Veritas believes that, regardless of an attorney’s online legal reputation, it can always be enhanced.  He has observed that larger and more internet savvy law firms have their own marketing departments to help their attorneys, leaving the smaller firms and sole practitioners lagging behind.  Law Veritas works closely with those firms and sole practitioners, and will also advise marketing departments of larger firms as to their online reputation strategies.

For attorneys who do not currently have an internet presence, Law Veritas promises to give them a strong initial internet presence via a domain and website tailored to the attorney or firm’s practice areas, and the creation of social media profiles across multiple platforms.  For individual attorneys and law firms big and small who already have an internet presence, Law Veritas pledges to bolster that presence by constantly monitoring and maintaining attorneys and firms’ websites to ensure the content is current.  Law Veritas also implements an SEO strategy to boost exposure of those websites.  Law Veritas maintains and updates attorneys’ professional social media profiles, including Avvo, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Law Veritas also offers a service that includes writing scholarly articles on behalf of attorneys and publishing them on professionally maintained websites. Law Veritas thinks that showcasing one’s expertise is an important part of maintaining one’s legal reputation.

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